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Decayed / Thugnor - Split CD

Decayed / Thugnor - Split CD

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Decayed / Thugnor - Split CD

DECAYED strikes again with their old-school Black-Metal. Still in their VENOM/BATHORY way, so thrashing yet very dark music, sometimes even atmospheric. And if their style hasn't changed that much, they know how to vary their songs. As for THUGNOR, this side-projet of J.A. From DECAYED, It's pure Doom-Death-Metal. Dark, menacing and very atmospheric yet with fast parts like all these early 90's bands did. Reminds us of early ANATHEMA, MORGION, etc ! THUGNOR is the highlight of this split, for sure!


Decayed - Satanic Blast:
01. From Chaos
02. Destruction of Christianity
03. A Time to Come
04. Burn the Cross
05. Infernal Majesties
06. Henbane / F.O.A.D.
07. Overkill the Angels
08. Into Chaos
09. Carnivore (Carnivore cover)

Thugnor - At the Gates...:
10. Beneath a Darkening Sky
11. Of Magic and Mist
12. Invoking the Gods
13. The Ancient Ones
14. Realms Beyond
15. After the Storm

Total playing time: 01:07:17

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