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...Of Celestial - The Strange Infinity CD

...Of Celestial - The Strange Infinity CD

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...OF CELESTIAL (Urkaine) and their debut album "The Strange Infinity". DIMMU BORGIR fans will be pleasantly surprised by this Ukranian analogue of the aforementioned Norwegian post black metal act. The latter has by all means influenced ...OF CELESTIAL without leaving them devoid of originality and authenticity, though. The Strange Infinity has all the ingredients that make up a good album: sparkling guitar riffs, powerful blast-beats, atmospheric themes, thick bass lines, hurricanish vocals and impeccable keyboard improvisations. Everything is played and recorded with great artistry!

"The Strange Infinity" by ...OF CELESTIAL is remarkable for power and beauty, darkness and lyricism: they would pop up on the musical landscape here and there and everywhere, eventually merging into the "strange infinity". The tear-jerking keyboard passages will take your heart into a new dimension, while the lyrical flutes will lullaby the encumbered souls...


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