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Stronger than Hate - hatecore compilation CD

Stronger than Hate - hatecore compilation CD

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Stronger than Hate CD

International hatecore compilation featuring 14 bands from Russia, Argentina, Poland, Hungary, Germany, U.S.A., Brazil and Finland. Comes with a 16-page booklet. 26 tracks, more than 70 minutes of music.

1. You Must Murder "Evil Russia" (Russia)
2. You Must Murder "Watch me bleed" (Russia)
3. You Must Murder "1000 sharpened knives" (Russia)
4. Lider-1 "Burn" (Argentina)
5. Lider-1 "In my blood" (Argentina)
6. Anticipate "Grind the reds" (Poland)
7. Anticipate "Waiting to your mistake" (Poland)
8. Anticipate "Nightmareland" (Poland)
9. Bofors "15 years" (Hungary)
10. Bofors "Corrupt government" (Hungary)
11. Killing With A Smile "You are against us" (Hungary)
12. Killing With A Smile "Day-to-day" (Hungary)
13. N.B.H. "Hatemachine" (Germany)
14. N.B.H. "Gehirngefickt" (Germany)
15. Murder In Society "Brotherhood" (Germany)
16. Murder In Society "Bite it, you scum" (Germany)
17. Hategrinder "Bloodshed" (Hungary)
18. Hategrinder "I kill you" (Hungary)
19. Levedia "The sign of victory" (Transylvania)
20. Levedia "Back against the wall" (Transylvania)
21. Bombastica "Feminist from hell" (Brazil)
22. Bombastica "Hatecore whip" (Brazil)
23. Fight Tonight "Fick dich!" (Germany)
24. Straightlaced Nightmare "Madness equals freedom" (U.S.A.)
25. Operation Racewar "One day" (U.S.A.)
26. Rusty Nailbomb "Dead end times" (Finland)

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