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Enepsigos - Plague Of Plagues CD

Enepsigos - Plague Of Plagues CD

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Enepsigos - Plague Of Plagues CD

Black Metallers ENEPSIGOS, one of the projects of the ubiquitous Norwegian frontman Doedsadmiral (NORDJEVEL, SVARTELDER, DOEDSVANGR), who in the case of ENEPSIGOS, goes under the name of V.I.T.H.R, have today debuted their new lyric video for the track "Pagan Rites" from the band's upcoming debut full-length album "Plague of Plagues". Aside from V.I.T.H.R, who formed the band in 2015, on vocals, ENEPSIGOS' lineup includes Straff (ex SARKOM) on guitars and bass, and Italian drummer Thorns, known for his work with BLUT AUS NORD, DEATHROW, FIDES INVERSA, FROSTMOON ECLISPE and DARVAZA, to name but a few. Together, the trio have created a band whose music is dark and brutal, and heavily ritualistic, in the tradition of early Black Metal.



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